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Batch Manage, Optimize, and Control Your Bitcoin Mining Data Centers. All from one app.

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Say Goodbye to Repetitive Tasks

Are you tired of manually configuring and managing each of your bitcoin mining devices? Do you want to easily make firmware updates, performance optimizations, and settings adjustments? Braiins Toolbox is here to optimize the way you manage your mining operation.

lightning-fast network scanning & Device Detection

Utilice varios pools simultáneamente para diversificar las fuentes de ingresos y disminuya el riesgo operativo. Configure la tasa de hash asignada a cada pool con un solo ajuste y Braiins Farm Proxy distribuirá su tasa de hash automáticamente.

Batch Install and Update Braiins OS

Install and/or update Braiins OS on multiple mining devices with a single click.  Benefit from Braiins OS's enhanced stability, and automatic chip calibration, ensuring your machines are always operating at their peak.

Device Optimization Made Easy

Set custom power consumption in batches, overclock or downclock, and achieve maximum efficiency or hashrate. Integrated with Braiins OS for automatic chip calibration, boosting profitability.

Batch Mining Pool Configuration

Diversify your mining strategy by splitting hashrate to multiple pools, set up backup endpoints and pools, and switch between them to provide redundancy.

Brrr-lliant Batch Cooling Mode Setup

Whether you prefer immersion or air cooling, our tool enables you to configure the cooling mode in batches. And if you are using Braiins OS, do not forget that it supports immersion cooling natively. No fan spoofers are needed.

Built by Miners, for Miners

“At Braiins, we understand the challenges faced by miners firsthand because we are miners ourselves. It was this deep-rooted frustration with the absence of a comprehensive tool to manage and optimize our own mining operations that drove us to create Braiins Toolbox.”

Jan Capek
Braiins Co-Founder

Más características

Custom Batch Filtering

Advanced filtering options allow you to easily select and manage specific devices based on criteria like model, control board, firmware and others.

Pause and resume mining for Bitmain forware

Braiins Toolbox currently supports pausing and resuming mining for Antminer firmware, with plans to introduce additional actions and configurations for stock firmware in the near future.

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What operating systems is Braiins Toolbox available for?

Braiins Toolbox is available for Linux, Windows and macOS.

Is Braiins Toolbox available as both a CLI and GUI program?

Yes, Braiins Toolbox has both modes: GUI and CLI

Can I use Braiins Toolbox to configure Antminers that have factory firmware installed?

Yes. Braiins Toolbox supports both Braiins OS and Bitmain stock firmware.

Does Braiins Toolbox support any other brands of mining devices other than Antminer?

No, Braiins Toolbox only supports Antminers that have either Braiins OS (version 23.03 and newer) or Bitmain stock firmware installed. However, Whatsminers are detected and displayed with Braiins Toolbox.

Can I use Braiins Toolbox to upgrade my miners with the old version of Braiins OS?

Yes, you can upgrade whatever version of Braiins OS with Braiiins Toolbox.

Is Braiins Toolbox paid?

No, Braiins Toolbox is a free application.

Is Braiins Toolbox open source?

No, Braiins Toolbox is closed source.

Can I use Braiins Toolbox to scan Antminers that have stock firmware installed?


Can I use Braiins Toolbox to scan Whatsminers that have stock firmware installed?


Can I use Braiins Toolbox to install Braiins OS remotely?

Yes, all the control boards used in the S19 series are supported: Zynq/Xilinx, Amlogic, BeagleBone and Cvitek/CV1835.

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