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Who we are

Bitcoin mining software company - developing firmware for ASIC mining hardware, as well as protocols and software for aggregating hashrate (computing power) from miners across the globe.


We’re looking for skilled developers to be part of our international team. You can work remotely, or join us at our headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic — the heart of Europe. We are happy to accommodate your preferences.

Skill level

Senior or junior doesn’t matter - dedication and skill is what we’re looking for. Everything you don't know, we will be happy to teach you! Students, drop outs, or aliens are welcome too.

What We do

Our mining SW suite used by thousands of miners worldwide

La primera Pool minera del mundo

Líderes de la industria en transparencia e innovación, con más de 1.25 millones de BTC minados desde 2010

Tech Details

  • Over a dozen geographically distributed serves, with thousands of connections from mining operations globally


Aumente la tasa de hash de sus ASIC de Bitcoin, mejore la eficiencia hasta en un 25%, y obtenga un 0% de comisión de pool en Slush Pool.

Tech Details

  • Firmware for mining HW based on OpenWrt/LED Linux distro
  • Includes autotuning algos to improve HW performance by as much as 30%
  • BOSminer: software component written from scratch in Rust, replacing a fragmented and outdated predecessor called CGMiner
  • Braiins OS: world’s 1st fully open-source ASIC firmware enabling a key efficiency improvement known as AsicBoost

Protocolo de minería en grupo de próxima generación

Reduce las cargas de datos de Internet, mejora la seguridad y la privacidad para prevenir ataques de terceros, y beneficiese de una mayor flexibilidad y extensibilidad.

Tech Details

  • Binary, open-source protocol for pooled mining
  • Authenticated encryption with associated data improves security and privacy
  • Job Negotiation sub-protocols optionally allow miners to construct their own blocks, improving decentralization.

TEch we
work with

Rust, Python
React, D3, GraphQL
Low level HW
FPGA, bistreams
Bitcoin, Stratum V2

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