Braiins OS+ Manager Beta

Batch configure and monitor your devices conveniently over the internet with Braiins OS+ for free.
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The platform is currently in the beta stage. Please use with caution and as always, scale responsibly!


Ready out of the box

Every device using Braiins OS+ 21.04 or later can easily connect to the cloud-based platform.

One-time setup

Connect your devices to the platform once, manage them remotely forever.


The telemetry data are efficiently being sent over the next-gen Stratum V2 protocol, using the same channel as for dev fee collection.

Encrypted and safe

All the config and telemetry data sent over the internet are encrypted, effectively stopping possible eavesdropping or man-in-the-middle attacks.

TAke a look inside

Have questions?

Our dev and support teams are always available to help.


Installation guides and specifications


How much does it cost?

Nothing! Braiins OS+ Manager is completely free and will remain free for Braiins OS+ devices.

Can I use the platform to manage devices with other firmware?

No. However, this software is part of a larger product stack developed by Farmgod, which aims to support other firmware too. When the time comes, Braiins OS+ Manager will be seamlessly interoperable with the other products.

Can I use Manager to install Braiins OS+?

This is currently not possible since installing Braiins OS+ requires a connection to the local network. We are planning on enabling this in the future via local network “connector” software. For the time being, please use BOS Toolbox or BTC Tools.

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